Discuss Europe

Immensely interesting discussion on the current developments in Nagorno-Karabakh

Yesterday’s Discuss Europe Online by JEF NRW and JEF Bavaria on the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh was an enormously fruitful exchange about the current situation and future conflict resolution possibilities.

Less than a week after the war was officially ended through a russian mediated solution, JEF NRW and JEF Bavaria brought experts from both countries, Alexander Iskandaryan from Armenia and Ahmad Alili from Azerbaijan, to a virtual table. Silvia Stöber, a long-standing expert and journalist for the South Caucasus, added to the round table, opening up very interesting perspectives. 

With 70 participants from all over Europe, the reasons for the conflict, the possibilities for a long-term peaceful solution, the roles of Turkey and Russia as well as the influence of the European Union were intensively discussed.

A detailed follow-up report will follow next week.

Many thanks to our guests and all participants for this evening.